Austin Area Home Service Pricing Guide

Bargain rate vs Market rate Market rate is the average rate you can run into every day. Bargain rate is usually hard to find. You will have to screen a lot of contractors from different channels in order to get the bargain rate. Finding providers on will save you a lot of time with locating… Read More »

What does home renovation and cake have in common?

(June 10, 2016, Austin, TX) – A good renovation lets you enjoy your home now and pay you back later.  It is like that cake you can have and eat it too!  This is the advice I gave to my girlfriend who has been stressing over whether she should sell her house, renovate or do nothing.  She looked at… Read More »

How I Lowered My Property Taxes by $1K+ in less than 10 min.

The deadline to file a property protest is less than 5 days away.  What can a property owner do to reduce the tax bill? I recently read a statistics from a so-called property tax consultant claiming that less than a quarter of property owners in Austin who filed their own protest achieved a value reduction. In other… Read More »

Top 10 things to consider when buying a home: Privacy

Privacy is one of the most important factors affecting people’s decision. It tends to affect male buyers a little more than the female buyers since female buyers usually pay more attention to the interior of the house. If the house has a private backyard overseeing a green belt or open field, it can easily add… Read More »

How to find the best deal on home insurance in Austin

Let me put it this way. The insurance industry is a totally rigged industry. In America, if you see a lot of agents in an industry, it is going to be a rigged industry. You can never be sure who exactly the agents are working for. Are they working for the insurance company, for themselves,… Read More »